Imagine you’re in the mood for a quick bite to eat before heading to your next appointment, and you spot a sandwich board with the business name of an eatery that seems like it would offer exactly what you need. You can practically hear the restaurant’s music, feel the ambiance of its space, and picture the friendly smile that will greet you when you walk through the door. A well-designed outdoor sign can capture this same intrigue and entice you to stop in—and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as the typical billboard or even a radio or TV advertisement.

Research shows that many consumers actually enter businesses they’ve never patronized before based on their outdoor signage alone, so it’s worth taking the time to design and install eye-catching outdoor signs that communicate your business’s unique identity. The following tactics can help you do just that.

Use a minimal amount of text. Too many words can confuse your audience, so avoid writing a full-blown brochure on your sign boards. Instead, focus on enticing, intriguing, and informative phrases that will draw in passersby without overwhelming them. Adding humor or clever wordplay is another way to intrigue potential customers, but it should be done carefully.

Keep your fonts consistent with your brand identity. Using fonts that are both unique and visually appealing will make your sign stand out from others on the street, and the perfect combination of colors can add to its overall impact. For example, pairing lighter shades of letters with a darker background tends to work well, while using bright colors that are trendy is a popular choice among many businesses.

Consider using backlit signs. These are the most effective way to captivate passing motorists, as they can be easily spotted from a distance and can be seen even in low lighting conditions. Additionally, these signs are available in a number of styles that you can customize to suit your business’s identity.

Include a call to action. Don’t forget to include a clear call to action on your outdoor signage, such as “stop in for a fresh salad,” or “let us help you find the perfect gift for mom.” This will encourage passerby to stop by and take advantage of your offers, and the call to action should be repeated at least once on each sign board.

Advertise product discounts and bundles. This strategy is especially effective for merchants that sell products that are often purchased together, such as a shampoo and conditioner combo or a pair of sunglasses and a matching case. Offering these items at a discounted price can encourage shoppers to purchase them all in one go, driving sales and brand awareness.

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly sophisticated, but it can’t replace the power of a physical, visual marketing platform. Contact your local signage company in Fresno to learn more about creating captivating outdoor signs that communicate your business’s identity and entice passerby to stop in for a visit.

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