The first step in a bathroom remodeling is to remove the existing tub and install a stylish double walk-in shower. This can be achieved by using a subway-style tile design for the walls and a marble geometric tile design for the floor. A dramatic accent color such as black, red, or green is also a good choice. Veronica chose a bold style for her space, opting for forest green walls with an accent wall of white hexagon tiles. She replaced the old vanity with a modern and contemporary style and added a small but useful wood trim around the mirror. In addition to removing the old cabinet, she painted the room’s small, cramped space with a fresh coat of paint and a new mirror. The vibrant roman blind picked up the hues of green and picked up the gold fixtures, creating an opulent and modern space.

A bathroom makeover may involve adding new fixtures or replacing old ones. Depending on the amount of space available, this can add to the budget. Another consideration is whether the space in the bathroom is suited for a new toilet or sink. A doorless shower can increase storage space, but a large closet may not be suitable for this purpose. If a doorless shower is preferred, consider installing a pan-style showerhead on a curved arm instead. To create an elegant and romantic look, opt for a black-and-white scheme. Jen Fancher used her $1,000 budget to remodel her narrow bathroom and chose a bronze faucet. A single-handle lever faucet is more functional than a traditional two-handle model.

Considering a bathroom makeover? A jackhammer might be necessary. Otherwise, tearing up the existing tiles may be a less costly solution. A heart-filled home made her own update ideas by sourcing items from local budget stores. The homeowners chose a soft-green color for the walls and a soft-green floor. Veronica also purchased a bathroom mirror from a pharmacy for inspiration. The makeover took six weeks to complete and she is delighted with the results.

A cluttered bathroom is a no-no in a home improvement project, but it can be transformed with the right touch of color. A wall-hung sink opens up the floor, making the room brighter and easier to clean. Moreover, it can be the perfect opportunity to replace an outdated medicine cabinet and other bathroom hardware. The new mirrors can be made of glass instead of acrylic or ceramic. By replacing the old vanity, a smaller freestanding cabinet is added above the toilet. A beautiful light oak vanity makes the room look spacious and opulent.

DIY bathroom makeovers should start with a new floor tile. A mason’s chalk line helps you keep the tiles straight and prevent a crooked tiling job. Once the floor is tiled, you should hang new drywall. Before fastening the new drywall, it is important to take note of the location of the vanity and other features of the bathroom. Once the new drywall is installed, you can then install the vanity, lighting, and a vanity. For more details on bathroom remodeling visit

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